A complete software intended for use in forwarding & transport businesses.

Optimization of forwarding processes through comprehensive control of orders from shipment to delivery to the recipient.

How it works?

SunTrack is a comprehensive, modular, all-in-one software for handling forwarding&transport companies. Thanks to SunTrack solution, there is no need to use a whole range of applications to manage the company effectively. With one and only application, you manage transports, employees and finances.

The unique control functions guard the order system finding errors in the transport process automatically. Thanks to this, you optimize your company’s work effectively, saving time and money.

The architecture of the program allows for its full customization, each user can adjust the modules to their own needs. Individual modules allow to adapt the software to the type of activity. Each module can be expanded in numerous applications supporting: accounting, human resources or customer relationships.

Do you run a forwarding or transport company? SunTrack  easily adjusts to the specifics of the company, choosing the right  part of the software. Each module can be expanded with additional applications and functions necessary for your business. You choose, you decide.


In addition to the basic features SunTrack is equipped with standard (built-in) and additional applications (expandable), which help to improve the efficiency of the company.

Suntrack – INVOICE APP
Suntrack – COSTS APP
Suntrack – TASKS APP
Suntrack – REPORTS APP
Suntrack – PTO APP


Intuitive and easy handling
Control option “Reliable payer”
Assigning a cost to the contractor
Real optimization of the forwarding and costing process
Control of transport costs
Monitoring of all events
A scheme based on orders
Creating comprehensive orders
Functional ERP database
Monitoring of fatal errors
Live – Monitoring of the entire forwarding
Control of contractors
Keeping one forwarding order by several carriers and execution of multiple orders by one carrier
Automatic currency converter
Reports and summaries generator


Assured Profit

Full control of processes and costs. We know perfectly, that the goal of every company is to gain a profit. Every entrepreneur knows their business best. SunTrack ensures full transparency and control of: costs, revenues, employees, contractors and presents all in the form of real-time reports.

From top to bottom

A new level of organization. We provide a comprehensive solution to improve the functioning of the business. All company departments and stages of the business process operate under the umbrella of one and only software.


Effective team work. The company consists of people who need an efficient tool for work, both at the team and individual level. We know these needs and provide the right comfort and work efficiency.

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