Perfect tool for consultation and opinions sharing.

How it works?

How it works?

Our solution

The SunLink app is an advanced tool for conducting consultations, sharing opinions and doing surveys.

An advanced consultation system is perfect to use by local governments, NGOs and business organizations.
It allows to work live with the projects, giving the opportunity to open to a wide range of participants. It works perfectly in social consultations as well as within organizations and companies. It is an excellent and comprehensive tool to engage in a dialogue with residents, group members or employees.

An intuitive search engine and calendar allow to find results and interesting issues in a quick and clear way. Thanks to this, all participants of the consultation obtain user-friendly access to the process, which guarantees a wide and engaged participation of interested individuals.

Reliable opinion surveys are often essentials when making business or social decisions. Our application allows in efficient way to recognize the opinions of clients, employees or citizens. Thanks to that the whole process is transparent and effective.

The user-friendly survey module is very useable especially while acquiring fast and precise information. This is a perfect way to examine a level of satisfaction and find out the real needs or requirements.

System features

  • Modular structure allows to adapt perfectly to the needs of each organization.
  • A wide range of functions allows for comprehensive usage
  • The customization option allows the system to operate in individual corporate layout
  • Flexible development and integration with other systems
  • A role-based access control
  • Push notifications, transparent reporting, comparative tools


1access to real knowledge
and information
2acquiring involved
3live interaction with recipients
4the image of an high-tech

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