Tailored software for managing guest relations among hotels and tourist industry.

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How it works?

How it works?
How it works?
How it works?
How it works?
How it works?
How it works?

Our response to your problems

SunGuest app is a tool that assure the satisfaction of hotel guests through monitoring their satisfaction level by providing required information to the staff on duty, so that they are able to react at once.

The app allows fast communication with the reception of the hotel. Without the need of a direct conversation the user can report comments, requirements or order a room service. SunGuest consists of two basic modules: the one for the guests, used for comprehensive communication and the second for the management staff of the hotel.

The module for hotel employees is used to verify current notifications from guests. Provides the opportunity to respond quickly to their comments and needs. SunGuest is responsible for effective service and segregation of duties among the staff.

In addition, by using QR codes the application gives the opportunity to acknowledge guests with current offers or special promotions prepared by the hotel. Owing to that the application can be also used for sales and marketing purposes, what makes it a competent and comprehensive product providing full satisfaction to both guests and hoteliers.

Convenient hierarchy of roles and rights.
A wide range of tools for customer service.
Measurement and analytical functions.
Fast data access and clear reporting.
Possibility of tailored development and integration with other systems.
The individual code assigned to each room/place.

Comprehensive and complete tool

Comprehensive and complete tool

Benefits for customer

Easy and fast contact with the staff.
Efficient problems solving.
Discretion and convenience.
Access to special offers.
Comfort and safety.

Benefits for the hotel

Lively interaction with guests.
Constant and reliable measurement of service and customer
level satisfaction.
Efficient control of employees.

Quality control of the services provided by external companies.
Quick detection of problems or failures.
The reputation of a modern and customer-friendly place to visit.

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